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Pronunciation: I-dE-At Function: verb Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing Date: 1610 Transitive senses : to form an idea or conception of Intransitive senses : to form an idea

Observation; Orientation; Decision; Action!

Transform transactional data into critical performance reports that executives can leverage to ensure the enterprise is meeting strategic goals.

Ideate extends your existing data and best practices to your company and customers through Intranet/Internet technologies. With our browser-based applications, updates are immediate, workstation installs are nonexistent and training costs are minimal. Solutions can be deployed on your own servers - so you have complete access to all of your own data.

If your experience has been that your projects come in late and over budget, you should work with Ideate!

Ideate specializes in Rapid Application Development - Modeling your application early and allowing you to monitor progress and provide feedback during all stages of development. We provide Quick Results - On Time and Within Budget!