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Pronunciation: I-dE-At Function: verb Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing Date: 1610 Transitive senses : to form an idea or conception of Intransitive senses : to form an idea

Converting Desktop App's to the Web

Ideate, LLC is nationally recognized as an expert in converting existing Visual FoxPro desktop applications to the Web, as well as developing new Internet based database applications!

With decades of experience in Relational Data and Visual FoxPro, years of experience in HTML and Javascript, and decades of experience in managing the creative process on a schedule and a budget, Ideate is the ideal technical partner for your web site development.

Our approach is always comprehensive, realistic and achievable, as well as spectacular.

Why convert your applications to the Web?

  • Web applications maximize your target market.
  • Customers are always using the latest version of your software with zero 'upgrade hassle', and updates are available to all users immediately!
  • Training costs are minimized because web interaction is so ubiquitous.
  • Web Applications can be platform-agnostic. Support Windows, Linux and Macintosh customers from the same application. Even handhelds can be accommodated!
  • Backups and Crashes are virtually eliminated as support concerns.
  • Web applications are ALWAYS using the latest data.