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Pronunciation: I-dE-At Function: verb Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing Date: 1610 Transitive senses : to form an idea or conception of Intransitive senses : to form an idea

Import, Analysis and Reporting


Ideate, LLC provides desktop and server-based applications for import, export, analysis, validation and reporting.

Data can be imported from virtually any data source (SQL, Web Services, Spreadsheets, Text Files, etc), manipulated, validated, analyzed and reported on using virtually any reporting and notification format (PDF, EMail, Spreadsheet output, etc.).

Complex business rules can be run to validate incoming data and generate dashboard-like administrative reports.

Our analytical applications can run in automated mode for nightly batch jobs or in interactive mode for on-demand analysis. We provide web-based help, documentation and updates for all custom applications.

We help you convert raw data to actionable information.